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Saturday, 20 April 2019

Epson L130 Resetter, Service required How To solve

How To Reset Epson L130 || Service Required || How To Reset Printer 
Epson L130 Resetter : Hello Everyone Learn About Epson L130 Single Function Ink jet Color Printer Problems And Solutions How to Solve Ink Jam / Waste Ink Pad Counters Reset How to Fix Red Light Blinking or Service required Errors Showing printer You Need To Reset Waste ink Pad counters of Epson L130 Printer you Learn And solve easily ink Problems And nozzle Lines On Printing printer Head cleaning / Ink Charging /Shipping Settings Maintenance with Epson Adjustment Program (Epson L130 Resetter)

Epson L130 Resetter : How to Use This Software Tool in Computer System
Open file From Location Adjustment Program Select printer model ( L130 ) Port Number 
Open Folder Epson L130 Resetter Zip File And  Click on "Adjprog"
Select Model And USB Port Number 
 Select Model And port Usb
 select waste ink pad counter then click Ok

 mark on Main pad counter then Initialize.....
 Next Window click OK to Continue....
  After FINISH The Program "Waste Ink Pad Counter" 
  Will Show You all Waste Ink Pad Counter '0%'.......

Easy steps Follow......
 * Click on "Adjprog"
 * Select Model Of Printer
 * Select Model And port Usb 
 * Select waste ink pad counter 
 * Main pad counter - Initialize click
 * Then OK and after FINISH

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