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Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Epson L555 Resetter - How To Reset Printer

Epson L555 Resetter Service Required Error / All lights (ADF) Blinking Problem How To Fix It?

How to reset Epson L555 all in one inkjet printer with adjustment program

How to Reset Printer's L805 Model - How to Use Resetter Software EPSON L555, This post is useful for your printer who is suffering from errors. Printer Waste Ink Pad   Counter 100% Complete 6700 Prints. My Printer Could Not Print Files It only takes 5 minutes to test this issue.

How to Reset Epson L805 Printer - Follow these steps to reset easily.

* Turn off the printer before resetting - make sure the Epson L555 printer (driver) is installed on the computer first "check" is shown on the main pad counter "Starting" counterpoint 0% Now click Finish

Follow the step-by-step pictures on how to reset the Epson L555 printer

  • ·        Open the "AdjProg.exe" Epson Adjustment Program
  • ·        select printer model & USB Port : USB001
  • ·        Click on "Particular Adjustment Mode"
  • ·        ------ Maintenance -----
  • ·        Click on the next button "Waste Ink Pad Counter."
  • ·        "Check" the main pad counter (right mark)
  • ·        Check the current counter Value...>"Check."
  • ·        Will showing main pad counter 6200 points (100%)
  • ·        Check the Main ink pad (right mark) click on "initialize."
  • ·        Click on "Ok", and then turn off Printer & Turn On.
  • ·        Waste ink pad counter 100% points to 0% Resettled "Finish" program.
  •         Process Completed Check test print

Follow Below Images Step By Step How To Reset Epson L555 Printer  

* Accept the terms "AdjProg.exe."

 * Select the printer USB port and the number of USB ports found

 * Click on "Special Adjustment Mode."

 * Next click "Waste Ink Pad Counter."

* "Check" the main pad counter

* Later the printer   ink pad counter reached full size

Click "Start", and then the Power Off Printer program "Finish" 0% points on the Power Printer Waste Ink Pad counter.
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Easily watch video on how to reset Epson L555 on an inkjet printer


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