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Friday, 19 April 2019

Epson L1300 Resetter , L1300 service Required

Epson L1300 Re-setter , L1300 service Required 

Dear Customer Epson Service Required Errors Or All Lights Blinking on Printer Don't Worry Now Solution Here Epson Adjustment Program ( Epson l1300 Reset Software ) How To Fix?? Waste Ink Pad Counter Reached full Main Pad Counter 11809 Point FL Box Counter 4**** Max. When 100 % Main Pad Counter Reached Error Shown Service Required Reset To Cleared This Problem. How To Solve Read Continue.. 

How To Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter :

IMPORTANT : Turn Off The Printer Before Start Resetting -Make Sure Epson L1300 Printer ( Driver ) Installed in computer(system) 
Extract And Open D0wnl0aded Resetter Folder - Run Double Click On "AdjProg.exe" Terms Accept To opened Window "Epson Adjustment Program" Select Printer Model And USB Port Then Select "Particular Adjustment Mode" Then Click On "Waste Ink Pad Counter" First "Check" The Main Pad Counter "Initialization" The counter Point 0% shown Now click Finish
Step 1. Run / Click On "AdjProg.exe" Terms Accept And  Click On "Particular Adjustment Mode"
Step 2. Two Next Click On "Waste Ink Pad Counter"
Step 3. Check" The "Main Pad Counter"
Step 4. Printer "Waste Ink Pad Counter" Reached Full
Step 5. Click On "Initialization" Then Power Off Printer Power On printer waste ink pad counter is 0% points 
Step 6. "Finish" Program.

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More Information Watch The Video How to Reset Epson L1300 Printer....

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Epson L1300 Adjustment Program  

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