Saturday, 9 December 2017

Resetter Epson l355 | service Required | Epson Adjustment Program

Resetter Epson l355: hi everyone today we can learn about Epson errors  have you noticed errors in EPSON L800 waste ink pad jet counter jet when some time computer or printer not working properly its when end life of waste ink pad or full maximum prints so embarrassing to use so we can fix the problem in Re-setter Epson L355 waste ink pad counter jet  by download the related software and install it this is very use full process  please follow these process to fix the errors or problem in Epson L800 waste ink pad printer 
About Epson L355: Epson L355 waste ink pad counter jet is a single printer so that the size limit,while not unexpected

About Epson L355 How to Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter:

IMPORTANT: Turn Off the Printer before Start Resetting -Make Sure Epson L1300 Printer (Driver) Installed in computer (system) Extract And Open D0wnl0aded Resetter Folder - Run Double Click On "AdjProg.exe" Terms Accept To opened Window "Epson Adjustment Program" Select Printer Model And USB Port Then Select "Particular Adjustment Mode" Then Click On "Waste Ink Pad Counter" First "Check" The Main Pad Counter "Initialization" The counter Point 0% shown Now click Finish

·        Run Program & Click On
·        "AdjProg.exe" Terms Accept and  
·        Click On "Particular Adjustment Mode"
·        Next Click on "Waste Ink Pad Counter"
·        Check" The "Main Pad Counter"
·        Printer "Waste Ink Pad Counter" Reached Full
·        Click on "Initialization"
·        Then Power off Printer Power On printer
·        waste ink pad counter is 0% points 
·        "Finish" Program.  

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