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Thursday, 8 April 2021

How to find motherboard model number

Regardless of whether you refresh the drivers, check the similarity of the devices, it is much easier to check the model number of your motherboard with these straightforward tricks than to open your case to check the board. Here's How to find motherboard model number from your keyboard installation.

Knowing the model number of your motherboard is very important when you are thinking about refreshing or updating your drivers, buying new devices and checking the capabilities of your motherboard while updating.


How to check motherboard model Windows 10/8/7


Alternative way to open the run box Windows console Press the key + R, at that time type msinfo32 and press Enter to send Microsoft's framework data tool. In the System Summary area, search for "Motherboard" passages and they will give you the model number, manufacturer name, and motherboard variant.


Once you know which motherboard you have on your PC. True, each motherboard has its own model name and the number printed on it makes it very easy to open the case. However, this may not be as helpful and clear as you might suspect. Otherwise, it wills not Google. So in this post, we will share how to test your motherboard model in Windows 10, windows 8, windows 7 without opening the case or external devices.


Motherboard information: manufacturer and product and serial number

How to check motherboard model cmd


Instructions for checking the motherboard model cmd, In case you are happy to execute the order prompts, this process will helps you

  • Follow these steps, to find out which motherboard you have

  • Type cmd and press the enter in the the windows search bar

  • Order briefly in command prompt, type wmic motherboard item, and maker

  • It will shown the motherboard name or model, motherboard manufacturer

  • For this strategy to work perfectly, you need to type the given message as it appears.






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