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Friday, 30 August 2019

Epson L380 resetter cracked | red light blinking

Epson L380 Resetter How to use?

Epson L380 Resetter You Just Like In Previous Epson Printers, Many Of The People Don’t Know How To Reset The Same As Other Epson L380 Printer Now You Can Use This Program Forever Or Life Time Without Time Limit. If Your Epson Printer Has An Error On Computer Screen This Program Generally Used There Is An Error Service Required And One Thing The Printer Cannot Use. Download Epson L380 Printer From Below Link And You Can Get The Free Resetter Of Epson L380 You Can Download Waste Ink Pad, Reset Counter Etc Just Click On The Below Download Link.. 
How to Reset Epson L380 Printer

First Need Download the Epson L380 Resetter Software

Next, Turn on Your Printer after Select Its Name

Now Click Ok Button, After Running Adjprog.Exe.

Next, Select the Waste Ink Pad Counter From The Particular Adjustment Mode

After Clicking Ok Button

Now Select The Main Pad Counter And Click On The Check Button, Click On Initializing Button.

Epson Adjustment Program Repair Tools For more Printer maintenance...

EEPROM Data Copy
Initial setting
Initialize PF deterioration offset
Head ID input
First dot position adjustment
Top margin adjustment
Head angular adjustment
Bi-D adjustment
PF \ EJ adjustment
PF band adjustment
CR motor heat protection control
PF motor heat protection control...     ( How to Work )


Head cleaning
Ink charge
Waste ink pad counter
Shipping setting...     ( How to Work )


Final check pattern print
Printer information check
Paper feed test...      ( How to Work )

Epson L380 Adjustment Program 


Download Epson Adjustment Program