L380 Resetter – Waste ink pad resetter

By | January 18, 2020

Epson l380 resetter is one of the best tools and the best solution for resetting Epson printers waste ink pad counter. Epson l380 printer has issues called waste ink pad counter overflow,

now you can fix this problem yourself by resetting the waste ink pad counter of the Epson printer l380. Epson printers have a number of sponges to collect the waste ink, after resetting the printer can run again

L380 Resetter – Waste ink pad resetter

L380 resetter

In this post, we said about a common problem of Epson l380 printer waste ink pad counter overflow error. If you are printing the documents in your printer but it suddenly stops working,

here it will send a message at the end of their service life printers waste ink pads reached full and the printers red lights flashing automatically continuously, Epson l380 best resetter software free download here…!

How to use Epson L380 Resetter

How to crack l380 resetter:  printer waste ink pad counter flow and all red led lights flashing problems and service required error

  • Windows installed “Antivirus Disable”
  • You need Change Date & Year to 01-08-2017
  • Epson l380 Resetter free downloads above link
  • open the resetter file Winrar, click on exe next type password
  • And open.exe File and type password (thanks)
  • Copy the license ID paste in keygen click on new key next shown activation key
  • next copy the activation key and paste register window next click ok now open Epson adjustment program window
  • select model name Epson l380 and select portUSB001 (L380 series)
  • Click “Ok” on waste ink pad counter
  • check right mark in box main pad counter click on check shown reset points 6207 of 6209 (100%) printer reached the maximum limit of the counter
  • Click on initialize button next click ok please turns off the printer turn on the printer

Waste ink pad reset with l380 resetter

  • By using USB cable Connect Epson l380 printer to the computer
  • Next power on the printer and wait few minutes printer ready to work
  • Now open waste ink counter reset software choose printer model
  • To check the page counters of your printer Click on the read waste ink counters
  • Click on reset the waste counters
  • Here, enter key and click on reset page counter. After completed reset waste ink pad counter, now you should click on Ok.
  • Finally printer power off and power on to complete clearing the waste ink pad counter

Epson l380 resetter

Epson adjustment program L380

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